Vibrational Spectroscopy Laboratory

FTIR Bruker Optics Vertex 70 Spectrometer

Bruker Hyperion 2000 Microscope: 4x objective and condenser; ATR objective
Bruker Platinum ATR single reflection diamond accessory

Micro-Raman Spectrometer Witec alpha 300

Raman Spectrometer Spex Ramalog 1403

Focal distance: 0.85 m;
Double monochromator with 1800 lines/mm;
Detection: Hamamatsu R928 photomultiplier (thermoelectrically cooled)

Raman Spectrometer Jobin-Yvon T64000

Focal distance: 0.640 m; aperture: f/7.5;
Triple monochromator with 1800 lines/mm;
Optical configuration: subtractive or additive (optional);
Detection: single-channel (photomultiplier R943, thermoelectrically cooled); multichannel (CCD of 1″ with 1024×256 pixels, cooled with liquid N2);
Olympus BH-2 Microscope